XYLON of TOKEN (XOT) symbolizes the power of the group. It is named after an animation of a superhero in the United States, who is just, equal and has team spirit. These coincide with the core concept of block chain technology.

The public information corresponding to the ID generated will be stored in a distributed ledger of XOT as public information. ID supports the expansion of smart contracts, to achieve more diversified ID management and satisfy identity management demands in different business fields.


Each ID is generated on ERC-20 smart contract and produces a hash address open to the public. The owner of ID safekeeps the hash address and private key information.


XOT checks all rights and interests and verifies transactions and forms a network consensus after they pass the verification.


The subject of ID operates all rights and interests or digital assets it possesses in XOT to carry out transaction through private key information, and files an application to XOT.


Each participant has an ID, which is set up by PKI in the XOT, and public information is recorded and stored in a distributed ledger. Some participants can be managed by means of authentication certificate.

Trust Subject

Other block chain platforms and centralized systems can be authorized to enter into cross-chain transactions, using keys or authentication certificates. XOT supports cross-chain transactions through smart contracts, and completes XOT consensus, after related chains or systems reach consensus, thereby achieving transaction control and management based on trust interaction.

Trust Interaction

All transactions on the enire network of XOT are confirmed using the consensus algorithm and recorded in the ledger. Once confirmed, no transaction shall be cancelled in any form.

Trust Network


January 2020Project Planning

March 2020Technology & System Preparation

September 2020Alpha System Launch

November 2020Alpha Mining System Launch

March 2021XOT Mainnet Online

About XOT

XOT XYLON of TOKEN symbolizes the power of the group. It is named after an animation of a superhero in the United States, who is just, equal and has team spirit. These coincide with the core concept of block chain technology. XOT is exclusively developed by a group of anonymous top experts in financial block chains and mathematics, led by Сергей Лоншаков, a smart contract expert designer in Russia, who is dedicated to the R&D of the project named “Дрон-со трудни”. XOT is supported by the application of block chain technology, with an aim to create a brand-new revolutionary decentralized encrypted financial social e-commerce ecological chain. The window of opportunity in 2020 is undoubtedly social e-commerce. For most people, they are actually consumers. However, the desire to join in social e-commerce, develop it as an avocation and earn some pocket money has never been diminished. Zero threshold, zero investment, zero risk, accessible to everyone and passive income, additional income in parallel with stable work, the rise of this project is precisely a domestic demand driver for the economic development in the future. Thereby, the year 2020 is undoubtedly the first year of social e-commerce. More and more social e-commerce platforms are springing up. The models of most platforms are basically the same, that is, to save money if you purchase for yourself and to make money if you share. So which one is better for you as a beginner on earth? With the revolutionary breakthrough of block chain technology, social e-commerce injects the elements of science and technology, effectively merges financial mode, Internet technology and social e-commerce and launches a three-in-one innovative social e-commerce block chain application system. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Which is real is reasonable. So let’s join the chain ecology constructed by XOT!


team member
Randall Jenkins Founder & CEO
team member
Jim Poole Co-founder & CTO
team member
Stanley Little Co-founder & COO
team member
Verna Bryant Marketing Specialist
team member
Maxime Bourgeois Chief Advisor
team member
Joe Baker Advisor
team member
Vivek Ravin Advisor
team member
Sona Psotova Advisor
300 000 000 XOT

XYLON OF TOKEN Total Issurance - 300 Millions

Token Allocation

Token allocated in five aspects: founder team, ecological reward, private sales, foundation and angel investment.

Ecological Reward: 69%
Foundation: 10%
Founder Team: 8%
Private Sales: 5%
Angel Investment: 8%